Kirin Fuji Tarujuku

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    Kirin Fuji Tarujuku 18yo 2018 富士山

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    Kaoru barrels Jukuko and gorgeous ester incense. Taste, accompanied by a profound feeling reminiscent of leather and Pete, a slight woody is along with the subtle sweetness is tightening the aftertaste, followed by a pleasant afterglow. Ingredients: Malt Type: Blended Whiskey frequency: 43 degrees capacity: 700ml

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    Kirin Fuji 富士山麓原酒 50 ° (New) 700ml

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    Tarujuku whiskeys original taste enjoy, is a whiskey that commitment was jam-packed distillery. Sweet barrels Mature incense that spread in the clear taste is characterized. 700ML Alcohol: 50 degrees

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    Kirin 富士山麓 18年 調和威士忌限量版

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    “富士山麓 18年 調和威士忌”在Oloroso酒桶後熟的限量品。在富士山麓複雜且濃厚的味道中,能夠感覺到Oloroso酒桶特有的芳醇及水果風味,馥郁的韻味久久持續。敬請享用眺望世界遺產富士山的蒸餾廠的釀酒師傅用心釀造的一杯美酒。   Fuji-Sanroku 18 years old – Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish – Limited Edition – only 3.000 bottles! This perfectly balanced premium whisky was finished in Oloroso Sherry Casks. The bottle was sold only in Japan and was limited to 3.000 bottles which makes it very rare like other Japanese whiskies with age…